From the Trainees

William T. Lim, Aspiring Software Developer.

I took programming courses at Alltechs. The trainer has done an excellent job at explaining the concepts, answering all questions, and demonstrating real life applications. I love the relaxed and personal environment and would definitely recommend.

Dhanorm Plumwongrot, Engg. Devlopment Manager - Lumentum International.

There are many questions about database application in the class beyond, the course outline. All questions are precisely answered. Feel closer to practical Database Systems. Thank You.

Feel very confident to use this knowledge to apply to self learning in my work place. Thank you very much.

Kumkwan Pattanakul, Team Member - Lumentum International.

This is more than what I expected to get from programming learning. Trainer helped me to understand clearly on the concept for using databases step-by-step.

Good to learn here. Thanks.

Wanit Manorotkul, Team Member - Lumentum International.

The course does make a great concept introduction to me. Course duration is also good for having more self practice time, to digest all the introduced tools and concepts. Thank You!

Watsachol Koosamart, Risk Model Validation Team - Kiatnakin Bank.

Very good. Clear Explanation.

Warinya Chemnasiri, Team Member - Lumentum International.

The Instructor is very knowledgeable in Programming. She pays good attention to each person in class & tries her best to adjust the training , fit to everyone's need even if they are (participants) from different background and level. Moreover, she is willing to explain and answer every question during/after class. All in all, highly recommended.

Nathalie Charuet, Aspiring End User.

Very good method and pedagogy, especially for beginners. My skills at MS office pack are much better and I can apply for office jobs now. Thank you.

Francisco Estevez, Chief Editor.

I recently completed a photoshop taylored course while in bangkok and i can only praise Alltechs IT & Multimedia education. I was assigned a competent and, above all, patient instructor who covered all subjects clearly and professionally. I will not hesitate going back to them next time, I visit Bangkok.

Brian Abrahamson, Director at CodeDaddy Team.I had always been interested in computers and technology, but never thought I could learn Programming. This changed when I started rooting my mobile phone and using custom launchers. I started making custom widgets and started to think maybe I could make my own app.
I was lucky to have found Alltechs. The school and classrooms are modern and conducive to learning. Instruction is in English and the schedules are very flexible.
So far I have taken three courses. Introduction to Java, Core Java and the iOS App Development Course.
The instruction in all three courses was exceptional. Not just the theory, but the practical hands-on training and problem solving.. Concepts were explained clearly, with plenty of problems and assignments to reinforce what was taught in class. They really teach you to think critically and work through problems yourself, as opposed to just giving the solution.
Before the courses, I was thinking of developing apps as more of a hobby. However, I can now see myself doing it professionally. I just completed my first iOS app for my Honda Dealership with a second on the way for another dealership. Based on my work on these apps, I was recently hired as part of a team for a long-term app development project.
To think that six months ago I was excited about writing a program that only printed "Hello World" on the screen, but now can develop entire apps. I did it, and so can you. Stop dreaming about your dream, and make it a reality with Alltechs.

Alisha Pawa, Student at Monash University

It was certainly a wise choice to enroll for Graphic & Web Designing course @ Aptech.The instructors were wonderful and provided exceptional coaching. As a media student, the theoretical knowledge and technical skills acquired is an asset for me to carry through out my education at the university.

Sarika Bhatt, Student at University of Michigan

Alltechs helped me get a head start at university. I was able to learn the concepts at my own pace and with a friendly, patient and excellent teacher.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to improve their programming skills!.

Kunle Olutimehin, Technical manager at Schlumberger

I came across ALLTECHS website while researching the right place where I could do further training in Excel macros to build up on the things that I already learned on my own.
First, Alltechs happened to be one of the few options I could find – they advertise a wide range of attractive options covering all categories of students and also fully in English (which is not easy to get in Bangkok). They were flexible to plan the training to match my work schedule.
Now after few months of learning Visual Basic I am now confidently building my own applications in Excel VBA and have gone on to do the VB.Net Level One which takes me to another level in developing my Database application and data analysis skills.
I would certainly recommend ALLTECHS to anyone wanting to acquire and develop the skills in Microsoft packages and Application software development.

Course Prices

Training Schedules
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Basic Courses

฿650 per hour
  • MS Office Applications
  • MS Access
  • Outlook, MS Project & MS Visio
  • HTML
  • Tech Savvy
  • Programming Foundation
  • Crystal Report Designing
  • Windows Administration

Intermediate Courses

฿650-1000per hour
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Core JAVA
  • Applications with JAVA /.Net
  • Web Development ( / PHP)
  • Databases ( SQL, Oracle, MySQL)
  • MS Office End User Training

Professional Package Courses

฿1000-1500per hour
  • Linux / Windows Administration
  • DBA (SQL Server / Oracle )
  • Data Migration (MySQL <--> Access)
  • Web Design & Development
  • Software Developer
  • Audio & Video Editing
  • Game Development
  • 3D Modeling & Design

Frequently asked questions

Did you know?
Can I study alone?
Yes. You may. However, the prices are doubled, in that case.
What is the language of Training?
The Trainings are held both in Thai and English. You can choose which language to study in.
How are the courses conducted?
For Staff Trainings, the courses are half-day or Full Day. For individuals and students, the classes are 2 to 6 hrs per week - easily spread during the week, to maximize practice.
Do you have After work & Week-end Classes?
Yes. However, we are closed on Sundays.
What if I miss a Session?
We try our best to adjust the group according to your availability. But if not, an extra session is conducted. Such extra sessions are limited to 2 per course.
How large is the group?
For Staff Training, we recommend not more than 20 for Basic Subjects and 10 for intermediate/advance. For individual trainings, the group is of maximum 5-8 persons. The Group age is matched to have a smooth conduct of course.